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Deep Dive into Archetypes

Dates&Times: Sat, July 20th 2024 1-6pm

                     Sat, October 12th 2024 10am - 3pm

Registration Fee: 125 € (one day)

Sponsorship by GVL (30%) is possible

Location: online (via Zoom)

Deep Dive into Archetypes

Art is full of archetypes. Film directors and storytellers love to work with archetypes because they are universal and cross-cultural. It´s easy to connect with their behavior as soon as we come along them. According to Carl Gustav Jung and Caroline Myss, the needs, instincts and potential of different archetypes influence individual behavior.

The Lucid Body approach to archetype work is both personally enlightening as well as precisely practical.

Discover the wild, voracious, and untamed pioneers of storytelling within you.

This course is appropriate for beginners as well as people with prior Lucid Body experience. While the workshop is designed for actors, artists of all disciplines are encouraged to attend.


-explore archetypes as a tool for creating and informing character

-learn about the characters intention and tactic through the embodiment of archetypes

-understand the value of archetypes in storytelling

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