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Lucid Body Basics Level I

Dates: Level 1 May 17&18 / Level2 May 19&20
Times: each day 10am - 4pm (including lunch break)

Registration Fee:

Level 1: 255,00€

Full Basics (Level1&2): 475,00€

Early Registration Full Basics (till April 17): 445,00€

Sponsorship by GVL (30%) is possible

Location: Eden, Breite Strasse 43, 13187 Berlin

Lucid Body Basics

Through a rigorous yoga-based warm-up and a thorough exploration of the seven chakra energy centers, this workshop will offer a new path into discovering the emotional/physical blocks that inhibit a full emotional range of expression.

For actors, this process is liberating- to learn how to shift one's energy to suit the life and circumstances of the characters they are playing.

The paradigms of persona, childneed, shadow and archetype will be explored in our understanding of the psychophysical complexities of self and character.

The Lucid Body Basics will offer you practical tools for auditions, rehearsals, performance, and life.

While the workshop is designed for actors, artists of all disciplines are welcome to attend.

Lucid Body Basics Level I

Level I of Basics focuses on alignment and learning the chakra energy centers as tools to step beyond the comfort zone. Exercises will be focused on transforming the habitual body into new parts of self.

Lucid Body Basics Level I Obejectives

-Initiate postural re-alignment
-Gain a new practical physical language from which to create the body of the character

-Transform familiar body patterns into new aspects of self
-Develop a way of seeing that allows for a deeper understanding of the human being


Lucid Body Basics Level II

Level II of Basics will work with the larger energies of the archetypes, the active space between two people as an intro to the later scene work, and will end with the discovery of the child need and the thrilling exploration of the shadow.

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