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Lucid Body

Lucid Body is a physical acting technique.

As the actor needs to transform into the character and be in the given circumstances of the scene and the play – we want the body to react naturally to the images the mind creates.

Using Carl Jung’s theories of persona, shadow and child need, we will start with understanding why we are the way we are and can adapt that approach to create truthful and multi-layered characters with complex motives and objectives, who are often contradictory and use unexpected tactics to achieve their goals.

I am fascinated to witness how Lucid Body changes the lives of my students, for it not only  immensely broadens the actors’ range of expression, but the technique also encourages actors in their personal growth and self-determination. In a profession where people often find themselves relying on external relationships such as with casting agents, directors, theater managers or producers, this becomes an immeasurably important personal quality.


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Sophie Löschburg


Sophie is a certified Lucid Body Instructor based in Berlin and Mecklenburg.

Sophie was first introduced to the Lucid Body technique in 2013 and has since worked with Fay Simpson, Monika Gossmann, Raniah Al-Sayed and Shayna Freedman.

Sophie offers Lucid Body classes and coaching in Berlin and all over Germany and Europe. As an acting coach, she has coached various theater ensembles during rehearsals and taught at various Berlin acting schools.

Sophie made her first stage appearance at Berlin’s famous Volksbühne at the age of 14. Since, she has worked with Milan Peschel, Christoph Schlingensief, Ismael Ivo, Michael Schweighöfer, Winfried Glatzeder, Jo Fabian, Dominique Horwitz, Elmar Fischer, Martin Schreier and other renowned directors in theater, cinema and television.

In 2005, Sophie graduated with a certificate for theatre performances and practices at the ACTT in Sydney, and holds an MFA diploma in acting at Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart, Germany (2005-2009).

She performed all over Germany in theaters such as Staatstheater Stuttgart, Staatstheater Darmstadt, Theater unterm Dach Berlin and more, starring in over 50 different productions, taking on many leading roles such as Käthchen in Kleist’s “Käthchen von Heilbronn” or Minna von Barnhelm in Lessing’s “Minna von Barnhelm”. She got nominated as best German actress for Helena in Euripides’ “The women of Troy” from the critics in “Deutsche Bühne” 2018.

Furthermore, Sophie studied Stanislavski with Andriy Kritenko, Meisner with Mike Bernardin, Dreamwork with Ken Barnett and is a certified Vinyasa Yoga Teacher (400+ with Patricia Thielemann at Spirit Yoga Berlin).

From 2020-2022 she completed the Lucid Body Teacher Training with Fay Simpson at the Lucid Body House in New York.

Physical Acting Workshops

LUCID BODY BERLIN offers Workshops to newcomers as well as experienced actors.

As the Lucid Body technique expands your emotional and physical range of expression, directors, writers and artists of all disciplines are welcome.

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Ich bin immer noch ganz begeistert von dem Workshop den du bei uns an der Etage gegeben hast, es war mit der beste Unterricht der ganzen 3 Jahre! Das was wir bei dir gemacht haben hat bei mir gefühlt Welten geöffnet...

Natalia Gubergritz, Schauspielerin

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